CBR Cord Blood

Employing AutoXpress (AXP), a cutting edge technologies to assemble and keep blood, users have the chance to cryopreserve their particular genetically-related stem cells for potential therapeutic use.

“The AXP technology employs a next-generation cryobag for storage that’s assembled with a blow-molded procedure which eliminates seams…[that ] is important because it greatly enhances the integrity of this tote and significantly reduces the possibility of breakage that’s been recorded to occur in conventional seamed-plastic storage totes ”

That information is essential due to the quantity of mononucleated cells (MNCs) from cord blood that’s flashed, as well as the capacity to process several samples in under one hour, dividing red blood cells and plasma to different bags. This makes the procedure the sterile and effective process of recovery and storage in the business. CBR Cord Blood also utilizes among the most precise data monitoring softwares in the business, known as XpressTRAK.

Protecting cord blood in this fashion, reducing mistakes in data collection together with the XpressTrak method, also generating higher quantities of MNC’s means recipients get the greatest possible plasma and blood available for life threatening ailments, such as leukemia.

CBR’s community of cord blood banks is situated globally, and physicians can find cord blood components both inside the USA, and overseas, for example Australia, Germany, Mexico, and Switzerland.

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