From the Earth to the Moon With Clean Energy

A study headed by West Virginia University researcher Dr. Michael Hendryx discovered cancer rates twice as large in a community vulnerable to mountaintop removal mining when compared with a nearby city, stated Jeff Biggers, a journalist and writer, in a part for Huffington Post more info visit hereĀ The research links the strip mining system to 60,000 additional cancer cases.

Along with the creation of air and carbon pollution by burning fossil fuels seems destined to spark a climate catastrophe that will flummox even the most jaded naysayer.

So we are in need of a program. Blogger Michael Graham Richard, such as me, fixated about the distance race of the 1960s, where the United States pummeled the USSR’s attempts, to get a model to follow.

“Like from the 1960s, we will require a motivational vision to rally our attempts, we will have to take present technology and quickly push them into another level, in addition to devise new ones,” writes Richard at a post on “But above all, we will require attention; to keep doing the hard work and sacrifices until we accomplish our objectives.”

Verne wrote his book about space travel before any actual work on the technical math of these trajectories were invented. However, his demanding calculations and thoughts proved remarkably precise

I use the publication in this analogy mainly since I only read the above passage and has been amazed, joyful . “Heck yes, that is the soul,” I thought. Mind you, this is my fifth Verne publication after plowing through”A Journey to the middle of the Earth” and”The Mysterious Island,” and I am beginning to feel as a long-dead interpreted French writer.

Verne’s hero in the publication is Impey Barbicane, an industrialist sidelined from the block of the Civil War. Barbicane’s remarks at the beginning of the book made me understand I am reading something similar to anti-war satire.

“My brave, colleagues, too long already a paralyzing peace has plunged the members of the Gun Club in deplorable inactivity,” Barbicane states.

Let us apply this to present day geopolitics. Maybe quitting all wars, unofficial and official, will provide the country’s military industrial complex the incentive to pursue — such as the associates of Barbicane’s literary Gun Club — options like fresh energy.

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