Fantasy Football – The Ten Commandments of Fantasy Drafting

Do not look now but the yearly sickness is going to creep its way back into our everyday, stagnant lives. The time consuming, almighty habit that borders on obsessive, compulsive, hides just right around the corner. The phenomenon that I speak of is, of course, our yearly Fantasy Football Trophies draft and consequential lineup choices.

Our Sunday mornings will go from calm and silent, to a process of scrambling for information and assessing media outlets for the very latest in participant news. We’ll weave our way through fabricated injury reports, rehash game match ups 1000 times in our heads and also listen to countless so called specialists who might simply be flipping a coin to give us their educated, genius lineup selections. We’ll drag and drop, change our minds, and also ponder last minute desperation pick ups, right until the moment that our display locks up to indicate kickoff.

Fantasy football, in my entire life, has become called a type of warped family affair. Every August we swarm together in my law’s home to firmly prove that my football knowledge reigns supreme. The anticipation is bubbling as I gather around the table with some of the best people I know including my sister in laws (OOPS! I believe I meant my brother in laws.) My mind races as I remind myself that there’s rarely a joy in life so sweet as to whip the pants from your father in law, while verbally assaulting him in the mixture.

With this being said, I really don’t want to give anybody the impression that we’re barbaric in nature. And since there isn’t any web cam available to observe the debilitating carnage of my brother in laws after a Saturday night on the town, we’ll pretend that company is always conducted in an orderly manner. But it never fails to appear in any of our yearly gatherings, that a significant set of fantasy soccer violations are committed by my rivals. So without delay, I present to you this years etiquette lesson called the ten commandments of fantasy football drafting.

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