What’s Your Next Phone – Android or iPhone?

When it comes to mobile application development, amid the host of cellular Operating Systems that can be found on the current market, two particular operating systems are ruling the world in our times. Both of those operating systems is battling for the top spot since the time when smart phones were invented. These operating systems are none besides the Apple iOS and the Google Android. There are definitely other competitors who exist in this harsh market of mobile operating systems but they have only a minuscule portion of the market share.

While both of the OS giants fuel our cell phone in every possible manner, Android and IOS are different from one another in all perspective. If you are thinking about switching from one of the mobile OS to another, then this report will bring up the distinction between the two. By the end of the post you would have the ability to choose which is the most acceptable for you.

Let us kickstart this article with a few history lessons. The competition between the two OS dates back to the time when smart devices were still in its nascent stage. The iPhone has been the dominating force in sales and marketing since the launch day in June 29, 2007 notably at the U.S. Market. These are the times when the iPhone was driven by iOS 1.x. The same year Android developed the first iteration specifically Android 1.0 that was used to induce the initial generation Android telephones. And the war for OS supremacy had started!

Apple got the significant blow to its winning streak when Android took over the cellular market via an advantage getting hold of almost 48 percent of market share in 2018. Now Android stands as a major smart phone OS where as Apple with iPhone stays the top manufacturers of smart phones.

So in the event you will need some words of advice before buying a new smart phone, this post is certainly going to help you all of the way.

Let the Phone War Begin!

Under The Skin

When it comes to making differences between the two phones, the main differentiator is the mobiles’ hardware. The core or the chip of this phone will decide the way your phone will act. The processor dictates the general operation of the phone.

If the user interface is taken into consideration, iPhone goes by the principle of’What You See Is What You Get’ or WYSIWYG. In iPhone you won’t have the ability to go past the setting and the programs provided to you from the manufacturers. The user interface is exactly the same in the event of the available models also.

After the UI of the Android is taken under account, it’s much different from that of the Apple’s. Android gives the consumer the assurance of customization and that also beyond the simple factory settings. These adjustments can be found in a wonderful selection and it might assist in changing the look and feel of the Android phone you’re using.

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