Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum – Do I Need One

Typically, when people think of home schooling a young child, they think that the parent would need a homeschool Beylikduzu Anaokulu curriculum to be able to do an effective job. Only the parent can decide whether they need a curriculum or not, but it’s best to always keep the needs of the child and not the parent as the most important factor in their decision.

1. Look at your child’s learning style. Do they love to fill out workbooks or would they rather do experiments? Most curriculums incorporate a good deal of workbooks and textbook reading into their plan for the day. Children who love workbooks might think this is a great plan. On the other hand, children who prefer to do experiments, sing songs, or listen to books on tape might be in for a frustrating year if their parent expects them to follow a curriculum.

2. Look at all your options. Is there a guide or resource that you could use instead of a curriculum that could help you stay on track and yet meet the learning style needs of your child? Would your child learn best by filling in a workbook or making their own book? Children can learn in many different ways and with many resources that don’t fit the typical model of education.

3. Realize how far you have brought your child already. You taught them how to talk, dress themselves, feed themselves, walk, and get along in life along with a host of other skills. Trust your judgement that you know what is best for your child and choose the education option that best fits their needs and your style of teaching.

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